Digimon Adventure tri. 6: Bokura no Mirai
Digimon Adventure tri. 6: Bokura no Mirai

Digimon Adventure tri. 6: Bokura no Mirai

Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy

The world has begun to collapse. The rampaging Meicoomon absorbs Tailmon, who underwent a dark evolution, and changes form into the immensely powerful Ordinemon. In accordance with Yggdrasil's expectation, the real world is about to be engulfed by the Digital World. Amidst the impending despair, the DigiDestined fight onward. Now that Tai isn't around, nobody but Yamato can take his place.

"There's something you ought to do to save the world!"

Gabumon encourages Yamato, and Agumon believes that Taichi is sure to return. Meanwhile, Homeostasis considers Ordinemon to be out of control, and to dispose of her, it moves to put into motion its final plan that will entangle the real world. The DigiDestined and their partner Digimon continue their desperate battle to somehow prevent the destruction.

"All the light is within Meicoomon..."

Tailmon's voice reaches Kari as she sinks into despair. Then the time comes for the DigiDestined to arrive at a final decision.

What future do they choose for themselves?

The adventure now evolves once again...

May 05, 2019
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Toei Animation
24 min. per ep.